The future of eSynergy

Our purpose and values are what define us as a business. But, we all need a plan or some guiding principles to tell us where we’re going.

Our purpose is to enable organisations to understand, measure and deliver business value using modern technologies. We’ll deliver this value through diverse and inclusive communities.

Based on this purpose, we’ve come up with a plan to take us forward, through 2021 and beyond.

Here’s the plan:

Embracing growth

The holy grail for all companies is growth, but this can also be the easiest way to drive the wrong behaviours. Purely chasing a bottom line, headcount or margin, drives bad habits and fails to benefit our customers. We all want to grow but we need to look at the impact of this too: What positive impact are we having as we grow?

Focusing on the impact of this growth will mean that it doesn’t come at the expense of our customers and communities. If we can measure and deliver more impact, our communities will be happier, we’ll have their trust and we’ll be afforded more opportunities. We’ll also attract the type of people that will thrive in our business – those who want to create value through their hard work and creativity.

How we’ll do it:

  • We want to bring onboard a selection of new customers. More importantly, though, we want these to be the right type of opportunities for us. We want customers who understand the value they’re delivering from their projects; we want to work together to help them understand why and what value they’re delivering.
  • We plan to do this through a combination of marketing, training, and hiring new people to join our teams and increase our communities.

Expanding our communities 

Our communities are at the heart of all we do. Our model of using small, highly-skilled, pre-formed teams, who are paid on the outcomes of bi-weekly sprints, requires huge attention to detail and a focus on engaging with our communities.

We need to constantly refresh and iterate these teams to meet the needs of our customers. Our model allows us to do this and keep working with the top percentage of talent. Expanding these communities will allow us to improve what we deliver to our customers.

How we’ll do it

  • We aim to expand the current number of associates we have in our communities by around 20%. There’ll be a specific focus around data.
  • We plan on improving diversity within our communities: we’re working towards 30% of our communities coming from diverse backgrounds (gender, ethnicity and age are our key areas of focus).
  • We want to focus on belonging within our communities, to allow people to be who they are and to celebrate individuality – with no exclusions. We’ll do this by placing an emphasis on education and promoting people based on the values they demonstrate (not just on the bottom line).
  • We’ll increase the partners we deal with to make sure we get ‘best of breed’ across our projects rather than trying to deliver everything ourselves.
  • We’ll keep the focus on the large enterprise organisations who have highly complex environments (primarily in the public sector and financial services) and work within our core service offerings, building cloud-native and data cloud-native platforms with improved ways of working.
  • We’ll promote and celebrate portfolio-based working i.e., our communities working across multiple projects. This benefits our customers and communities.

Focusing on our delivering capability  

Improving our delivery function is the only way to really understand the value we deliver. If we can improve this, we can truly understand and measure the effectiveness of our teams, rather than relying purely on instinct.

How we’ll do it

  • We’ll grow our delivery function and the key lead associates within our community.
  • We’ll create a playbook of project accelerators, reusable components and best practices for our communities.
  • We’ll create a value framework that allows us to measure the value we’re delivering, rather than the size of our teams.

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