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The eSynergy Tech Series is a place for passionate technologists to come together to hear from thought leaders and organisations who are pushing the boundaries to transform and thrive.

2021 tech trends and predictions

February 2021

What are the trends in cloud and software? From serverless to Kubernetes, Observability, Modern pipelines and new infrastructure and deployment options, addressing the Developer Experience gap for productivity and developer velocity.

Building a self service platform

March 2021

Self-service development has long been considered an essential characteristic of cloud computing, it allows engineers to develop and ship code faster, releasing new features and products to market with speed. However, it can be one of the hardest cloud-based capabilities to implement.

Digital Disruption in Insurance

April 2021

In this months Tech Series, we were joined by Graeme Howard. Graeme discussed the many lessons learned from his time at Covéa, including the introduction of a microservices architecture into a traditional technology estate.


An Introduction to Maps

May 2021

In this session, Simon examined the issue of situational awareness and explained how it applies to technology and business. Using examples from the government and the commercial world, he explored how we can map our environment, identify opportunities to exploit and learn to play the game.

The future of GOV.UK

28th September 2021

GOV.UK is many things. A brand and proposition which encompasses thousands of web services delivered by dozens of government departments, all sharing a consistent design and user experience. It is also a content publishing and delivery platform built and run by the Government Digital Service.