What we do

We partner with you to build the capability to understand your users, do research into how they use your product and services, and build those insights into your business planning and product strategy. Using research techniques we can help you innovate new products, prioritise features or enhance your services.


We can then expand on this user centric thinking by introducing service design and user research into your product development. Service design lets you map the way users interact with your products and services and implement a strategy for bringing these together into a set of networked user interactions. You will stop thinking in terms of features and start to think of how your organisation fulfils your users’ needs across their interactions with it.


User centred discovery
Complete a discovery project researching a new product area or problem space. Use experienced user researchers to understand what your users need and possible options for fulfilling that need.

Research Insights

Our team will develop a library of insights about your user base that can feed into product development and service design. Use the research to make sure your business focuses on the right user outcomes.    

Multidisciplinary Teams

Build teams where user research, service design and product management professionals are part of your product and software delivery teams. Focus on satisfying a user need over building a feature.


✔ Understand your users and use that knowledge to inform business and product strategy


✔ A library of user research that helps you define your roadmap


✔ Connect all the ways that users interact with you into an integrated user experience

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