Cloud Native Software Development

Build cloud native software, refactoring legacy applications and lift & shift to start your journey

Cloud Native Software Development

We partner with you to build teams that understand and deliver cloud native software development services for your business. We enable you to develop features and services faster by taking advantage of new software architecture patterns like microservices and serverless. Your teams can learn devops practices to take control of the entire software lifecycle, reducing incidents and downtime, and increasing mean time to recovery.  


Cloud native software development done right can provide your business with a way of overhauling existing applications and releasing new functionality, at greater speed than you have done before. By developing your applications to take full advantage of cloud services you can be more flexible and innovative in your software development, whilst creating potential for the innovation of new services.

Cloud Native Software Development Services

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Cloud Native Architecture

Our senior developers and architects can work with you to understand which architectures are best to balance the key results for your business, whilst taking advantage of new cloud native services like serverless computing

Improved Tooling and Automation

Lighthouse Project’s

& Discoveries

We can build a stand alone new service or feature that demonstrates the practices and technologies of cloud native software development to the wider organisation.

User centered discovery

Application Modernisation

We use strangulation pattern’s to break off parts of an existing monolithic application and re-deploy them as small, cloud native, microservices. Gradually moving away from the monolith to independently scalable microservices that give you room for new features and services.


✔ Software development teams that understand how to use cloud to build resilient, scalable, new services


✔ Retirement of a tech debt laden monolith and a move to a more flexible architecture owned by the teams that deliver it


✔ Teams that are enabled to ship new software and services quickly and cost effectively

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Build Great Engineering Teams & Software

We specialise in delivering software engineering teams and projects related to DevOps, Cloud & Containers, Cloud Native Software Development, Data Engineering and User Centric Design and Product Delivery.

DevOps Cloud and Containers

DevOps Cloud and Containers

Accelerate digital transformation by harnessing the power of DevOps & Cloud

Cloud Native Software Development

Cloud Native Software 

Build cloud native software, refactoring legacy applications and lift & shift to start your journey

Data Engineering



Become a data driven enterprise and unlock actionable insights from your data

User Centric Design and Product Delivery

User Centric Design and Product Delivery

Collect insights and research needed to help innovate lean, user-centric products