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Our Associates

We work with expert thought leaders who can bring experience and expertise to your project. From speaking engagements through to onsite, training you can utilise our expert associates to drive your project forward and upskill your organisation.


Optimizer of organizations, teams and software, programmer, Agile coach and technologist,

Dan North


Belinda offers a different way of tackling gender diversity. She shares ‘empathy nudges’ she has created in large organisations that have made a real difference to commercial performance and how people in the company feel about their work.

Belinda Parmar


Over 16 years experience of consultancy, coaching and training, Russ helps clients remove unnecessary and costly complexity in software delivery . Guest speaker and published author, most recently of ``Head First Software Development`` from O'Reilly Media.

Russ Miles


Thought-leader in the field of Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Software Development. Co-author of the Jolt-award winning book 'Continuous Delivery'. Conference speaker and blogger and one of the authors of the Reactive Manifesto.

Dave Farley

Continuous Delivery

Psychologist specialising in UX helping companies connect with their customers and bringing business ideas to market. Author of 2 books and 3 online training courses on usability and UX.

David Travis

User Research
barry o reily

Business Advisor, Speaker and Author of ``Unlearn``, and ``Lean Enterprise`` included in Eric Ries Lean Series

Barry O'Reilly

Co-Author of Lean Enterprise, Founder of ExecCamp, Antennae & Faculty at Singularity University

A product owner and devops coach building cross-functional teams for banks and governments. Helps enterprises adopt public cloud and build 12-factor apps. An investor and consultant working in London and Bangalore.

Jaydeep Korde

Product Owner / Devops Coach