Open Source Software

We are not aligned to any particular language, framework, technology or methodology. Embracing a Polyglot approach to Software Development, we assess the needs of our client then source the most suitable stack to use; building robust, scalable and fault-tolerant systems – with a focus on suitability and profitability.


Whatever you require, you’ll benefit from our highly skilled cross-functional teams of Engineers and Developers who have experience across multiple industries including Government, Retail, Financial Services, Start-Up, Healthcare and Betting & Gambling.


Driving results measured on flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness we don’t promote the use of a ‘silver bullet’ approach for our Software Development. We use a mixture of Open Source languages, tools, frameworks, architectural design patterns and methodologies across all of our projects.


Whether that be Java, Scala or Clojure as a development language; Spring, Akka or Symfony for your framework all contained and orchestrated using Docker and Kubernetes, sitting on top of a microservice based architecture – we have the resource and capability to deliver your projects.