The need to build and deploy cross-browser and mobile compatible software and applications is more important than ever before, offering the same functionality with responsive User Interfaces creating an enjoyable experience for customers and users.


Whether you’re migrating from old to new, on either iOS or Android utilising the latest tools including Objective-C, Swift or Android SDK we have the right people with right skills to deliver your projects and build world class mobile applications. Alternatively, if you’re building an application from scratch, we have the capability to deliver robust, scalable and fault tolerant software from the ground up.


With technology evolving exponentially, especially in the mobile ecosystem, the pace of change is unprecedented. This heightens the need to build and deploy new and exciting features to keep ahead of the competition. Unfortunately, this has created a void between those organisations already ‘mobile ready’ and those who are still figuring out that mobile development actually encompasses.


Here at eSynergy, we deliver a bespoke solution dependent on your needs and requirements, ensuring all involved are approaching the project with a mobile delivery mind-set. Regardless of the solution, we drive our decision making and software development through tangible data and metrics collected by our User Research and Design teams.


From Continuous Delivery, to introducing TDD and XP principles we’ve found that combing these established best practices can have a positive impact on all mobile projects, irrespective of the size and complexity of what you’re looking for as an organisation.