Tech Community Builders - eSynergy Solutions

Tech Community Builders

Entry level program


Our entry level program gives you the tools and understanding to go into either the client partner or community builder roles.


Responsibilities below:

  • Pass entry level induction program
  • Full understanding of tech community builder and client engagement partner roles.
  • Full understanding of our business, market and why we do what we do.
  • Competent at negotiating, delivering market intelligence and knowledge sharing


Experience required

  • Background in client facing role, sales, recruitment or consultancies
  • Deep interest in tech, negotiating and critical thinking.
  • Desire to deliver a world class service
  • Honest, playful, collaborative & strive for self-improvement


Our entry level does not require specific experience or qualifications so feel free to reach out if this sounds like you but less the experience.



Send an email to with why you would like to join us