First Week in a New Job, Sixth Week in Isolation

After recently delivering a successful service to a SaaS HSE business, I was on the hunt for my next exciting opportunity.  This was all in March 2020.

As a seasoned professional, identifying the right role and organisation to work for is challenging at the best of times, then the pandemic came.

Out of my opportunities on the table, I had found the one I wanted, Engagement Lead at eSynergy Solutions. Final interview in London booked, and I was offered my dream job.

Start date agreed and lockdown announced.

With staff being furloughed, made redundant or asked to take a pay cut, I felt anxious about what this would mean to me, and ultimately the repercussions of not having an income on my family.

I needn’t have worried.

Working for a technology consultancy that specialises in Cloud Computing, as well as DevOps and Data Engineering, I had all the tech I needed sent out the week before I started and a call with technical support to ensure it was all set up correctly.

Day one, my diary was full already with zoom meetings, including 1-2-1 introductions, companywide check in calls, bid calls and calls about our Community programme.  I was set up on the LMS platform (great way to get to know the business and its people) and the tidiest SharePoint I have ever seen!

I have now completed week one and have learnt 5 key things when onboarding remotely under these challenging circumstances:

  1. Join the Journey– 9am Monday I was straight into an office wide call led by our CEO; what a way to meet everyone! I thought it would be ambitious and tough to join eSynergy on their journey when being the remote newbie, but it wasn’t.  I think everyone agrees they are communicating more than they ever did before, and it’s now our journey.
  2. Be Proactive – whilst to an extent it is realistic to lower your expectations on yourself, albeit challenging to do so, ramp up from afar and don’t wait to dive in.
  3. Let Leadership Help You– Now is your time to meet the drivers of the company, the strategic players.  You won’t know all the answers so reach out and ask questions. More than before, people are available as everyone is in the same boat.
  4. Identify Quick Value Add– you were hired for your strengths so identify those and leverage them with the right people to see where you will have impact.
  5. Agree Expectations– yes we’re in lockdown but there are still milestones to be achieved over the first 30, 60+ days.  Reach-out and be transparent with your manager and team, as the chances are, the role you were hired to do may have evolved a little to encompass the current climate.

It’s fair to say it’s been different to the norm, but with the tech and processes in place you can reach out to your colleagues and conduct regular check-ins.  For me personally I have more clarity going forward than in comparison to being a newbie in the office and onsite.

Overall, my first week has been a success and I know I can succeed.

About Author:
Alexandra is Engagement Lead at eSynergy Solutions, with over twelve years’ experience within the technology and consultancy industry. She has a core talent for solution selling, stakeholder management and project delivery and employee engagement.

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