“Every year over 1.8 million practical driving tests are conducted in the UK. This completely paper-based service has seen little change over the last 25 years and was identified as an area in desperate need of modernisation.
But with a user base potentially reluctant to change and new to the technology, how can you bring everyone along successfully with digital transformation?
Over the last 2 years as part of a multi-agency, co-located team, I’ve been on a Human-Centred Design journey — our mission: to digitise and improve and the UK’s Driving Test Experience.
In this talk, I’ll share insights from that journey, including…
— why focussed user research, co-creation and continuous user engagement, is the shortest route to delivering innovation
— how Human-Centred Design can empower teams to stay laser focussed on user needs and deliver great outcomes at pace
— why a Government Digital Services assessment is the best thing that can happen to your project
And of course, I’ll show how a government agency is achieving its vision of becoming a digitally enabled organisation, re-inventing itself for the future and successfully designing ‘for blind dinosaurs with sausage fingers.’”



Sep 22 2020


1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

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