SEAM#31 – Project to Product (Mik Kersten) + Agile Leadership (Stuart Turner)

SEAM#31 – Agile Leadership + Product alignment & flow with Mik Kersten
Tuesday 25th February 6pm-8:30pm
E-Synergy’s Office 50 Fenchurch Street

The first SEAM of 2020 will feature the great Mik Kersten, author of Project to Product, who’ll be talking about Product Alignment and Flow.
Expect a few books to be signed and given away,

Joining Mik will be enterprise agility coach and trainer, Stuart Turner, who will be giving a talk on agile leadership.

18:00 – 18:30 – Arrive, Networking, Pizza and book signing
18:30 – 19:00 – Stuart Turner: Agile Leadership – the keystone of agility
19:00 – 19:40 – Mik Kersten: Project to Product
19:40 – 20:30 – Networking

Hope you can make it!

Mik’s Talk –
Project to Product: Catalyze Your Journey with the Flow Framework

Org charts and software architecture are the best representation of value creation we have.

• What if we could take an MRI of the organization?
• See the end-to-end flow of business value in real-time?
• Instantly spot bottlenecks use them to prioritize IT investment?
• Hypothesis test based on real-time data from every team?
• Re-architect our software and org chart around maximizing flow?
• And transition the organization from the cost cutting tyranny of project management to the profit and market impact of product-oriented value streams?

In this talk I will describe why this transition will determine which organizations thrive, and which decline. I’ll present the Flow Framework™ as a new approach for connecting software delivery to the business to drive innovation through all of your organization’s value streams.

Dr. Mik Kersten pioneered the integration of development tools with Agile and DevOps as part of his Computer Science PhD at the University of British Columbia. Founding Tasktop out of that research,

Mik’s experiences working with some of the largest digital transformations in the world has led him to identify the critical disconnect between business leaders and technologists. Since that time, Mik has been working on creating new tools and a new framework for connecting software value stream networks and enabling the shift from project to product.

Stuart’s Talk:
Agile Leadership – the keystone of agility

Without Agile Leadership, Agile is just the latest fad.

Symptoms you’re lacking Agility of Leadership are:

Your ‘agile’ transformation is taking years.
You have an ‘agile’ transformation.
You’re spending hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions on coaching and Scrum Masters.
You have Agile in HR, Agile in IT, Agile in Marketing, Dev-DevOps-Ops, etc.
You encounter resistance from the ‘frozen middle’ or people who say they’re agile, but aren’t.
Impediments are ignored or not even identified.
You’ve hired a large consultancy.

Stuart’s been improving organisations for about 20 years. He’s made many of the mistakes that are still being commonly made today. He’s also discovered many ways to make change easier, before making change.

Stuart works for MI7, an incremental improvement on MI6 (because they work in squads). He spent years developing his own way of typing as a cover story for his real passion, pondering how society evolves and how we might make things just a little easier for each other, and ourselves.

He has a licence to coach and has worked with senior leaders, coaches and change agents in over 20 countries, across four continents. Clients wanting covert assistance come to him to learn the secret phrases and special gadgets to win the day and make the world a slightly better place.

Stuart is a keynote speaker, conference organiser, CST, CALE, CEC, CTC, and ACC (but don’t tell anyone). His clients include many large institutions, government agencies, universities, growing start-ups, and SMEs across a variety of industries.

If you want to find him, try here:

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Feb 25 2020


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