SEAM…Go Faster with Nationwide’s Rachel Robinson + Polystream


In SEAM #29 we are joined by Nationwide’s Head of Digital Strategy, Rachel Robinson and Polystream’s Platform Architect, Scott Perham, who’ll be discussing going faster from very different contexts!


18:30 – 19:00 – Networking Drinks and Pizza
19:00 – 19:30 – Scott Perham –
Agility in a deep tech startup: How hard can it be?
19:30 – 20:00 – Rachel Robinson –
The art of going faster: 5 ways to help your team win – whatever race you’re in
20:00 – 20:30 – TBC

Rachel Robinson Bio

Rachel leads on digital strategy and digital product development at Nationwide Building Society, where she works with teams to shape Nationwide’s digital vision and roadmap and to set clear, value orientated goals. Rachel started her career in consultancy at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young, before moving into digital product development. She’s worked with a wide variety of organisations, from start-ups and scale-ups to listed companies in retail, travel and housing/financial services, before joining Nationwide in 2013. Since joining the Building Society she has worked in a variety of leadership roles across digital banking, innovation and product development – and has played a lead role in Nationwide’s agile transformation story over the last 2 years.

Talk: The art of going faster: 5 ways to help your team win – whatever race you’re in.

Whatever business you’re in, chances are your customers are more demanding than ever before – and keeping up with expectations means going fast.

Going fast is not something that large, financial services organisations are typically very good at….but at Nationwide we know we need to be fit to compete in a rapidly changing world. Adopting the latest technology, devops, agile, lean and design-thinking can help us accelerate, but investing in technology or focusing on ways of working or process change in isolation is rarely a winning formula. [In this session] we’ll explore how focusing on team environment and culture can unlock performance and speed, whether you’re working in a start-up or scale-up – or a c20,000 employee financial services organisation with a proud 100+ year history that needs to transform!

Scot Perham Bio –

Scott is a technical architect specialising in cloud computing and distributed architecture. After a decade designing and building large scale, distributed systems for various industries including defence, telecoms and games, Scott joined Polystream in 2016. In his previous role at Microsoft, where he led Lionhead’s Online Service team, he combined his profession with his passion for video games, and is now using his talent to design and run Polystream’s cloud computing/streaming platform as Platform Architect.

Talk – Agility in a deep tech startup: How hard can it be?

In the three years since Polystream was formed, they have built a cloud gaming platform capable of scaling many times larger than anything else that exists, enabling millions of people around the world the ability to access streamed, interactive 3D content at unrivalled reach and scale at a fraction of the cost.

As a fast-paced technology startup, keeping up with the demands of Polystream’s deep tech culture is a challenge in itself, things change often and move incredibly fast. Knowing what Polystream would become meant that as well as the daily challenges faced in building the worlds largest cloud gaming platform, we always had an eye on the future and ensured that we had a stable foundation on which to grow all aspects of the business. In this talk we will hear some of the technical, operational and cultural challenges that faced Polystream’s engineering teams as they grew to become listed as one of the most valuable games industry startups in the UK.



Sep 18 2019


6:30 am - 8:30 pm



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