Sea …How to leverage React Native to build mobile apps fast

You would have to close your eyes when reviewing 2019’s Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results and not notice the most popular programming language amongst developers continues to be JavaScript. Whilst this trend has remained largely unchanged the past 7 years; a more recent evolution is the realisation that a single code base for multiple environments is not a pipe-dream, and there is no longer a need to have multiple native applications for both iOS and Android. In this session we will dive into the current popularity of mobile development with React Native, building our own mobile application using GraphQL API, and some common libraries that will help accelerate the development process. This webinar will be suitable for those who are interested in extending their web-development skill sets and build a hybrid application that can be deployed to mobile platforms. Guest speaker: Ioanna Lampropoulou, Senior Software Engineer at Sea/ with 8+ years of experience in building products in shipping, banking and retail. Ioanna joined Sea/ in 2017 and worked in projects with a huge impact on the company, modernising many of its current processes. Keen on exploring new technologies, defining best practices and providing insightful solutions, she moved from writing COBOL and RPG for core banking systems to JavaScript and React in the shipping sector.



Sep 03 2019


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm



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