Save money, increase productivity, and ensure compliance when building your Web Applications

Did you know that AngularJS (v1) is about to exit long term support from Google, this means your application will no longer get the security patches needed to keep your business compliant. Angular version 9 has just come out, with many new features, performance and security improvements, there has never been a better time to upgrade.

The latest version of Angular, is a refined enterprise framework when compared with the original AngularJS and other alternative Javascript solutions. With technical advancements for development using the Ivy renderer, to building modular code base with branding or white label libraries, you can share and theme across projects accelerating your software lifecycle, all this with test practices baked in from day one.

In this talk we will explain not only why you should upgrade but the ways you can upgrade from Angular 1 to Angular 9, and the many new features and benefits associated to doing this.

You will soon be forced to upgrade, why not do it on your own terms and utilise the benefits sooner.

Before considering other technologies like React library, let us explain how Angular framework can build Applications that are more consistent, predictable and reliable. Thus giving you more project longevity and improving team sustainability.

We’re delighted to be joined by two guest speakers for the session, our lead associates Eddie Jaoude and Andrew Cunliffe.

Eddie Jaoude
Fullstack development lead; as an advocate of Open Source and Developer Relations, knows that anything is possible. Collaborating with the technical community through YouTube and GitHub. Co-Founder of Code Mortals.

Andrew Cunliffe
Senior solution architect; advising businesses on best practices, technical strategy, agile best practices. Ensuring quality, predictability and reliability are on the forefront of software implementation. Co-Founder of Code Mortals.



May 21 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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