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This time, Product People North will be on early years – the following speakers and topics have been confirmed so far. Further speakers will be announced shortly.


Jessica Ferguson: Research with children at the Standards and Testing Agency

Jessica will be talking about how we’re tackling research with children within Standards and Testing Agency. In particular, how we engage 4 and 5 year olds in user research and what we’re doing to make assessments more user centric.

Jessica is a user researcher for DfE’s Standards and Testing Agency, working on digital primary assessments. Previously, Jessica worked for the Department for Work & Pensions on Pension services, and on another DfE project relating to data sharing between schools.




Marc O’Connor: Creating a collaborative cross government mental model for parents with early years children

Marc will be running a session to add any insight that event delegates have as part of their own work and experiences with parents of early years children. The output on the day will be to capture insight from all government departments that are part of Product People North – in Post-it form.

Marc is a service designer for HM Revenue & Customs, working to design coherent integrated service offerings based on user needs, and define the design strategy for a service or set of services.




Lesley Thompson and Sinéad Krzyzyk: Integrated digital services for children

Lesley and Sinéad will be talking about their work within DWP’s Child Maintenance Group and their experiences of working towards an integrated digital service, and how they overcame some critical design challenges when striving to get products into Beta.

Lesley is a Senior Business Analyst who joined DWP in April 2019. She has previously worked as a Business/Systems Analyst for over 16 years in various highly regulated industries including financial services, education, and within Government. Sinéad is a product manager who joined DWP in September 2019. She has worked in digital government for 5 years, in various departments such as the Ministry of Justice, GDS, and Department for Transport. Prior to the joining the civil service she worked in immigration law.



Jan 31 2020


10:00 am - 3:00 pm



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