ONLINE: Holding healthy team relationships during extended isolation

I thought that I was used to remote working, having worked for the best part of 2 decades with teams in offshore and near-shore locations. The last week has been a surreal experience however. Empty offices, colleagues saying goodbye to each other, facing weeks or even months of working from home with little other interaction than through their computer screen and the best that the video conference service has to offer.

This is an unfortunate and difficult situation for individuals and teams. The occasional work from home is generally a nice break from the commute, but facing an extended period of such isolation is a total challenge for team relationships.

Digital work can technically be done remotely, yet Digital is a team-sport and not being able to break-out for a chat, an impromptu whiteboard session, a lunch with a colleague, etc. risk a break down of the communication chain. Doesn’t much of the communication happen around the watercooler after all? Communication breakdown is the crumbling of the Digital Work System.

But should it have to be that way? I was coaching a Leader the other day and he saw a new potential in this. He said that because the connections are challenged, this is also a way to be more intentional about the Relationships. He could not be more right! Having worked and coached for some time using the virtual channel, much can be achieved once we put some creativity and intentionality behind our relationships.

As we are getting together with a few coaches to offer such services to enterprises, we have decided to organise a series of such meetups with the Digital Leadership meetup community as a taster of what’s possible.

Please register only if you genuinely intend to attend as spaces will need to be limited for such sessions. We will most likely repeat the sessions that prove popular and develop the topics over a series.



Apr 02 2020


6:00 pm



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