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Colin Greenwood

The power of user-centred design has blinded us to the fact that it risks leading to very similar solutions and only incremental improvements. How can brand thinking help create an own-able difference in the products and services we design and help push to bigger, bolder leaps?

Starting with an overview of what ‘brand’ means, we’ll move to explore why we, as UXers, service designers and researchers, should engage with it, and finally we’ll cover off some practical ways you can start to use brand thinking to supercharge your design practice.

About Colin

Colin is currently a Creative Director at the BBC, having spent most of his career down in ‘That London’ working for digital agencies, with the occasional detour into Service Design and a recent sojourn into the world of brand. He lives on a Pennine hillside with a wife, children, cat and sheep.

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Feb 03 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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