Exploring selves, what are Digital Leaders made of?

This meetup will focus on exploring the selves and what Digital Leaders are made of.

This meetup will kick off a research project to determine patterns of successful Digital work systems and the traits of Digital Leaders that work within and lead those.

The meetup will take the form of a workshop and explore with you the characteristics of great human work systems / knowledge work systems. We will then use the Lumina Spark tool, in a workshop format, to help you explore your character traits and connect those to your work system.

This will be an evening of discovery, both personal and of the human side of successful Digital Systems.

If you thought that Digital was about Technology (Data, AI, Blockchain, etc) or about processes (Agile everywhere), please join us and be ready to explore how much it is about people first and foremost.



Mar 09 2020



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- 25 Copthall Ave - London
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