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You Did What?
Your company is ready to move to a cloud-first, container-focused way of working. You’ve got a platform team passionate about the future, numerous feature teams delivering at pace, and everyone is living the DevOps dream.

Small snag. You’re stuck in the past, and don’t have a cloud platform to put these new containers on. You have no expertise in creating one. Then there’s the small matter of licensing restrictions stopping you from using any public cloud providers not based on an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy… this one might be specific to us. And naturally, a massive company-wide deadline.

Join us as Oliver tells his story, diving into the depths of how they built nimble, responsive infrastructure, the tough decisions their team had to make, and the patterns (and hacks) that they employed. You’ll see how they built what was needed, breaking the project down, building tight relationships with external teams, and truly living the DevOps mindset whilst unblocking those thirsty feature delivery teams.

Where did we come from? Where are we now? What does the future hold? What’s it like to work on a project that doesn’t wind up having mammoth scope creep? The answers to most of these questions will be revealed.

Speaker: Oliver Leaver-Smith

Oliver Leaver-Smith, better known as ols, is a distinguished technologist currently working as a Senior Platform Engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming. His topics of expertise include OpenBSD, automation, chaos and resilience engineering, and Nerf warfare.

He is also interested in security, privacy, opensource, decentralization and federation, hardware hacking, and cyberdecks.

Interested in technology (specifically how it breaks) from a young age, his first foray into Linux was in 2003 when, while blindly following the installation instructions in Sams Teach Yourself Red Hat Linux, he upgraded the family Windows XP machine to Red Hat 9. This resulted in him getting his own computer, so has been widely regarded as a good thing.

You can contact ols through email (, twitter (@heyitsols), mastodon (, or xmpp (



May 13 2020


6:30 pm



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