Scrum User Group….Coaching Excellence NLP Strategies for effective teams

Christine Thompson Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach presents: Coaching Excellence NLP Strategies for effective teams

The discipline of Neuro-Linguistic Programming gives us a number of insights and techniques into understanding people’s perceptions, how they see the world and how they behave as a result.

We can learn questioning techniques, to draw out the person’s understanding of themselves and their situation; we can see how to spot the negative language patterns that people use which disempower them and limit their perceived options; and we can learn reframing techniques, which will help our colleagues to challenge their perceptions and increase their choices.

This session will show how each of these techniques can be used and teach participants a set of skills to increase their effectiveness in interacting with their colleagues and teams.

Christine Thompson

Christine Thompson – is an Agile Coach, a Team Coach and an Individual Coach. She is committed to helping you to become the best version of yourself. She works with teams to promote an Agile mindset, and a set of behaviours resulting from that mindset, which allows them to focus on delivering value whilst being responsive to change, in an environment that is inclusive, safe and challenging to all its members.



Aug 05 2019


6:30 pm



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