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Due to COVID-19, we are continuing to run these meetups as virtual events.

Join us online, learn about the Kubernetes and cloud native from three great speakers, and meet your fellow techies.

6:45 Kick off
7:15 Overcoming scalability issues in your Prometheus ecosystem (Juergen Etzlstorfer, Dynatrace)
7:45 NGINX Inc. speaker (Talk TBC)
8:15 Guitar break – Khusro Jaleel
8:30 Alicja Kucharczyk, Microsoft (Talk TBC)
9:00 Wrap up

See you there!

Cheryl (@oicheryl)

Overcoming scalability issues in your Prometheus ecosystem (Juergen Etzlstorfer, Dynatrace)
Prometheus is considered a foundational building block when running applications on Kubernetes and has become the de-facto open-source standard for visibility and monitoring in Kubernetes environments.
Your first starting points when operating Prometheus are most probably configuring scraping to pull your metrics from your services, building dashboards on top of your data with Grafana, or defining alerts for important metrics breaching thresholds in your production environment. in your production environment.
As soon as you are comfortable with Prometheus as your weapon of choice, your next challenges will be scaling and managing Prometheus for your whole fleet of applications and environments. As the journey “From Zero to Prometheus Hero” is not trivial you will find obstacles on the way. In this talk we are highlighting the most common challenges we have seen and provide guidance on how to overcome them. Finally, we are discussing a solution to get you there more quickly to build automated, future-proof observability with Prometheus showing Keptn as one possible implementation.

Jürgen is a Technology Strategist and DevOps activist of the Keptn open-source project. He was one of the core-contributors in its early days and is now responsible for the strategy and integration between open source tools and the Keptn framework as well as the Keptn open-source community. He loves to share his experience, most recently at conferences & meetups on Kubernetes based technologies and automation. Find him on Twitter: @jetzlstorfer
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Jul 01 2020


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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