Building diverse and Inclusive engineering teams

For any organisation the best way to ensure to deliver unique, innovative and effective solutions is by ensuring people and the firm’s leadership reflect a diversity of cultures, experiences and background. Diversity In the workplace begins with diversity in thought (Frank Sorrentino)- Diversity of thought, gender and skillset enables organisations to see past their weaknesses in order to construct a resilient, nimble, and structurally sound strategy.

In this talk we will look at issues and approach for building diverse engineering team. What are the specific actions or approaches can be adopted to increase effectives in promoting inclusion, encourage and enforce diverse hiring, retention and promotion.

By attending this session we will learn;

– What can be done to attract, retain and promote more diverse engineering candidate
– Practices technology manager can put in place to be more inclusive in the interviews
– Potential strategies to reduce personal bias when hiring

Atif Abbas, Executive Director of Goldman Sachs is a regional head of Capital Measurement & Analytics within the financial engineering division. He is a member of GS EMEA engineering graduate steering committee and has led engineering lateral and graduate recruitment efforts in the EMEA region. Before joining Goldman Atif has worked for various startups and tech firms in different counties where he had promoted and built diverse technology teams. Outside his day job Atif actively promotes technology by working organisation such as Code:First Girls, where Atif has been actively involved and has been educate programming to young girls from different backgrounds and professions.



May 13 2020


12:30 am - 1:30 pm

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