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ncludes SG AGM.

You’ve got the skills; they’ve got the targets. If your talent gets them where they‘re going, you’re hired.

What if businesses were different? What if hiring was a walk in the woods; the hirer asking you about your wildest dreams? What if a significant purpose of the organisation was to make their employees’ dreams come true?

Sounds utopian? That’s exactly how some companies are thriving today.

The world of work is changing. The revolution has begun.


Richard Atherton


18:00 – Registration & pizza
18:00 – Agile Methods SG AGM – for members only.
18:30 – The event starts
21:00 – The event ends


Richard Atherton‘s mission is to bring a deeper conversation to business. As the twin forces of increasing complexity and automation continue to play out, it is our most subtle human qualities that will become ever more important. It is only through deep inquiry into who we are and what we stand for that we will get the best from ourselves and those around us.

Richard has been a consultant and coach for more than 15 years. In that time he’s cut code, designed change initiatives and coached senior leaders. He has helped software development teams adopt Lean and Agile working methods and managed major business transformations.

He is a father of twin boys.

Richard’s major technical interest is how we apply learnings from the complexity sciences, neuroscience and psychology to the art of leading change. He is the host of the popular business podcast, Being Human.

Richard has helped many large organisations achieve significant breakthroughs. These include the BBC, BSkyB, ITV, Universal Pictures International, Barclays, Global Citizen, Sainsbury’s and The Telegraph Group.



Nov 27 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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