Azure Workshop: Kubernetes in a Day

Join the Microsoft Cloud Advocates at Reactor London for this workshop, where you’ll learn to use Kubernetes on Azure in a day. We’ll introduce Kubernetes, then look at how it can be deployed on Azure, before rolling on to more advanced topics.

The day is split into three parts:
We’ll start with Kubernetes 101, where you will learn about the components of Kubernetes, and how you can deploy to Azure. You’ll also discover pods, services and deployments, roles, stateful sets, networking and load balancing.

In part 2, we’ll introduce Helm. Expect to learn about charts, deploying Helm, the Help CLI, deploying and writing a chart. We’ll then take a look at Helm and CNAB.

The final part of the day looks at Kubernetes advanced topics. You’ll learn about Virtual kubelets, Pod security context and istio (including advanced application routing and setting mTLS).

This workshop is aimed at Developers and Cloud Operations. To be successful at getting the most out of these workshops you will need the following prior knowledge:

– A basic understanding of Linux
– Be able to read bash scripts
– Have a basic knowledge of what a container is

To be able to run the labs in the workshops you will need to have or create an Azure account that has access to create service principals. If you don’t have an Azure account and want to run the workshops, you can sign up for an Azure trial that will give you free credit to complete the workshop

You must bring your own laptop for this workshop. You’ll also need to download Docker before you can start this workshop. Please do this beforehand if possible.

Patrick Chanezon, Head of Cloud Advocacy, Microsoft

Patrick Chanezon is Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, helping Azure be the cloud you love. Previously, at Docker Inc., he helped to build Docker, the world’s leading software container platform, for developers and sysadmins. Software developer and storyteller, he spent 10 years building platforms at Netscape & Sun, then 10 years evangelizing platforms at Google, VMware & Microsoft. His main professional interest is in building and kickstarting the network effect for these wondrous two-sided markets called Platforms. He has worked on platforms for Cloud, Distributed Systems, Web, Social, Commerce, Ads, and Portals.

Scott Coulton, Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Scott Coulton is a Developer Advocate and Docker captain with 10 years of experience as a software engineer in the managed services and hosting space. He has extensive experience in architecture and rolling out distributed compute systems and network solutions for national and multinational companies with a wide variety of technologies, including Azure, Kubernetes, Puppet, Docker, Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, and Linux. His design strengths are in cloud computing, automation, and security space.



Jan 15 2020


9:30 am - 4:00 pm



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Microsoft Reactor
70 Wilson St, Finsbury, EC2A 2DB


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