AWS User Group UK Meetup #43

We are delighted to have Phil Basford (@philipbasford) and Mike Fowler (@mlfowler_) join us at our July online meetup. Mike will be presenting “From data warehouse to data lakes: The value of streams” and Phil will giving his insights with “Productionising Machine Learning With SageMaker”

This will be an online Zoom Webinar and we will send the link out one week prior to the event – so please remember to check back.

Talk 1:

Productionising Machine Learning With SageMaker with Phil Basford

The adoption of Machine Learning (ML) has boomed over the last 12 months; from initial prototypes and now into fully managed production workloads that embed ML in critical areas of both start-up and enterprise businesses. This talk features how a project I worked for Aramex and how it we made it highly available, elastic, have low latency, be very secure, and also cost efficient.

The corner stone of this is AWS SageMaker. AWS SageMaker offers a great platform for Machine Learning that includes one-click deployment of models for inference using AWS SageMaker Endpoints. This talk will provide advice and recommendations on how to use cases AWS SageMaker Endpoints as there is an awful lot more to AWS SageMaker Endpoints than meets the eye. During this talk we will look how to use AWS SageMaker Endpoints, how to build a custom model; look at how to scale them using Auto Scaling, look at canary style deployments, how to monitor them with CloudWatch. We will also look at how AWS SageMaker Endpoints can be used within serverless APIs with real-time observations using AWS X-Ray.

Phil is a very experienced principle solutions architect with 7 AWS certifications, AWS APN Ambassador since 2019, a lead developer and head of practice. Over 6 years of AWS experience and has over 15 years of experience in gaming and social media start-ups. He has been responsible for running production workloads of over 200 containers in a performant system and is now a specialist productising ML

Talk 2:

From data warehouse to data lakes: The value of streams with Mike Fowler

Every business has a wealth of data but getting value from data is hard. We’ve tried Data Warehouses and Data Lakes, and while both give us insights we are after, they present their own challenges. Perhaps most challenging of all is making decisions based on yesterday’s data. In this talk we’ll look at how you can start using your data to make decisions as events happen in your business and how we can even make predictions too. Best of all, we can populate our Data Lakes and Data Warehouses at the same time keeping all the historic analytics in place.

Mike Fowler is Principal Data Engineer at Claranet and is a DAMA Certified Data Management Professional. Driven by a belief that humans should only do interesting things, Mike uses his years of experience to build reliable, scalable and repeatable data pipelines and platforms. Mike holds 10 AWS certifications including all associate and professionals and the Security, Big Data/Data Analytics, Database and Machine Learning specialties. He particularly enjoys taking customers on the journey from descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics. Mike is an Open Source advocate having contributed to PostgreSQL, Terraform and YAWL. He speaks regularly at conferences and meetups sharing interesting ways to make great use of data technologies. When not parked behind a keyboard he can be found amongst his 5 children delighting them with his finest Dad jokes.

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Jul 15 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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