AWS User Group UK Meetup #42

This will be our first ever online event which we are planning to hold on Zoom. The event url will be sent out about one week in advance.

We have two great talks for you firstly, the amazing Nicole Yip (@Pelicanpie88) from The LEGO Group who will be giving our first talk in 2020 – “Serverless Deployments with Canary – Creating DevOps Engineers at”.

Our second talk will be from fantastic Matthew Clark (@matthew1000) from the BBC on “Servers are dead! How architecture in the 2020s is being revolutionised by serverless”.

Please ignore the location, it appears meetup only allows you to set the event as online if you have a valid url.

Talk 1:

Serverless Deployments with Canary – Creating DevOps Engineers at with Nicole Yip

With the launch of AWS lambda functions in 2014/2015(GA), serverless computing and resources have become the go-to architecture strategy for new projects, startups and all the tech teams who can get away with it. With this rapid adoption, numerous tools and frameworks have been created to support the teams of developers figuring out this new tech and getting it production ready. This talk focuses on the tools we use in the Shopper Engagement Team at The LEGO Group to get our serverless services from stories to production. From CircleCI to serverless and AWS Code Deploy for Canary releases, I’ll show you how we are building a safer release pipeline and levelling up our Developers into DevOps engineers.

Nicole is a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at The LEGO Group who has been working as an Infrastructure and DevOps engineer for over 4 years mostly as an IT consultant helping teams of all sizes get their services into AWS. Her roles have often become the catch all for everything non-application-developer but that matches her passions for AWS, Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD and Security.

Talk 2:
Servers are dead! How architecture in the 2020s is being revolutionised by serverless with Matthew Clark

Serverless technology is no longer new. But we’re quickly reaching the point where it’s becoming the default way to build applications. And it’s having a profound effect on how do good software architecture. Serverless means big changes in how we must manage performance, state, scale, cost, and so much more. It’s a huge, and exciting, opportunity.

The BBC now has seven years of serverless experience. Dozens have projects have been made in a serverless way, using either AWS Lambda or in-house solutions. There have been some painful moments – it has not been an easy adoption. But the technology is maturing and best-practice is becoming clearer. Serverless is now the default way that many of the BBC’s website and APIs are made. It’s faster to develop, more flexible, and can scale to the big moments.

So what does good serverless architecture look like? And is it really as performant as containers or servers? In this session we’ll explore the potential and the pitfalls. The best-practice, the opportunities, and what it means to software architecture. The serverless revolution is here – let’s get the architecture right.

Matthew is the Head of Architecture for the BBC’s digital products – a wide range of apps and websites that are used by tens of millions every day. He’s responsible for designing systems that can handle huge traffic numbers, such as last year’s General Election, and this year’s Olympic Games. He lives in Manchester.

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May 27 2020


6:30 pm



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