An Overview of Azure Arc AND An Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics

Join us to hear from Microsoft Cloud Solution Architects Mahesh Balija and Pankaj Meshram talk about two new services in Microsoft Azure.

Hear from Pankaj about how Azure Arc extends Azure services into your own datacenter to give you one management interface for data and containerised platform services.

Whilst Mahesh will talk about the new capabilities of Azure Synapse, the new name for SQL DW which fuses data warehousing and Spark capabilities in one product.

Mahesh bio: Mahesh Balija is a Cloud Solution Architect specialized in IOT, Data and AI, he likes solving challenges with Big Data and always love to work with bleeding edge technologies such as Quantum Computing to solve complex problems.
He have helped organizations from far east to far west to migrate their Classical Data Warehouses and setup centralized Data Lakes to extract valuable insights from data. Mahesh works as a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft in One Commercial Partner.

Pankaj bio: Pankaj Meshram is a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft with over 14 years of Solution Architecture experience. He is part of One Commercial Partner dedicated for helping partners in the UK to build and grow SAP on Azure Practice & regularly deals with Azure Apps & Infra as part of Practice Building.



Mar 02 2020


6:30 pm



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