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We support organisations who want to raise their brand profile in order to attract new talent, potential customers and technologists right to your doorstep. Share your story with our 200,000+ audience and attract people through our community driven approach.



We support a number of communities from underrepresented groups and help those people within them build the career they want by sponsoring meet-ups, conferences and training sessions. Our direct links with these communities mean that we can help you reach a diverse mixture of people and skillsets.



Our partner led training programmes provide you with knowledge and expertise that can be tailored to your business needs. We offer discounted and complimentary tickets to a large number of leading conferences and events for your teams along with monthly meet-up calendars.

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  • Speaking opportunities at leading events


  • Promotion of your brand to 200,000+ technologists


  • Events hosted at your offices to attract top talent


  • Guest speaking spots on our webinar sessions


  • Free and discounted tickets to training


  • Monthly event calendar to share with your team


  • Dedicated community manager

Community Events

“Taking the time to invest in community, will allow you to get to know like-minded individuals which will have long-lasting benefits to your network, brand and products.”