Community Engagement Programme

Transforming people and their workplaces

We understand that building communities and raising your brand can be difficult, which is why we have created a dedicated programme run by our experts to give you the tools your organisation needs to share your story and engage with the wider community.

The Programme

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Tech Brand Awareness

Raise your technical brand through story telling and speaking opportunities at leading events
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Diversity & Inclusion

Engage with diverse communities and foster initiatives to grow a diverse and inclusive workforce
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Building capability

Attracting and engaging a pipeline of talent through the power of community building

“The community programme has enabled our organisation to engage with the right communities quickly and supported us to tell our story in the right way to help build our capability.”



Inclusivity – Public & Private Perspective

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Case Study

Community Engagement: Attracting Digital Talent

DfE partnered with eSynergy to run a dedicated community engagement programme through which they c...

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Code First Girls x NewDay Summer Intensive Course

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