Cloud Native

Operating in a world of cloud computing that is ubiquitous and flexible, we deliver Cloud Native solutions to our clients, with the key drivers and objectives focused around Speed, Scale and Margin.


How do we do it? We design, build and run applications based on infrastructure as a service, combined with modern day operational tools including continuous integration, container engines and orchestrators.


Deploying highly skilled cross-functional teams, our engineers and developers utilise container packaging, dynamic management and microservices-oriented architecture to drive outcomes across highly complex projects.


Our experts don’t use the Cloud Native approach because it’s shiny and modern, they have pragmatic motivations that ultimately drive the type of technologies that are used on projects with our clients. Encompassing modern architectural design patterns, containerisation and orchestration practices, these approaches works well with continuous delivery, it scales well and is very efficient to operate.


With the ability to reduce technical risk, we can deploy quickly whilst taking small, reversible and low-risk steps. We also address the philosophical and cultural shift which is required and associated with Cloud Native techniques.