Career Journey – Nia Batten


Job title:

Client Engagement (DevOps and Cloud)


How long have you been working at eSynergy?

Just over two years.


What is your role at eSynergy?

I’m a senior member of the client engagement team in the DevOps and Cloud space.


What do you like about working for eSynergy?

The people! Unrivalled earning potential and career progression opportunities. Lunch clubs. Holidays. Ability to run my own desk. Being able to attend all of the tech events in the DevOps space. But if I had to choose I would definitely say the thing I like the most is the people I work with everyday!


Key highlights in your journey with us?

In two years I’ve had two promotions, from trainee to senior and also received the Directors Choice award in 2017.


Favourite perks?

Monthly lunch clubs to some of London’s nicest restaurants that I would never have visited otherwise. A holiday to Dubai.


How has eSynergy helped you with your career?

This was my first role in a client engagement position and I have received invaluable training sessions with the senior managers and directors of the company to upskill and improve. Our community sell and partnership with SkillsMatter has provided me with countless opportunities to go out and meet key stakeholders in my market and build a wide network.