Career Journey – Lily


Job title:

Lead Tech Community Builder


How long have you been working at eSynergy?

Just over two years.


What is your role at eSynergy?

I manage the Tech Community team.


What do you like about working for eSynergy?

I love that esynergy gives you the training and support to become an expert in your field / niche. I like that they are always innovating and trying new ways to work.


Key highlights in your journey with us?

Going live in 7 months, being promoted, becoming a specialist in my market and now leading a team of 8!

How has eSynergy helped you with your career?

eSynergy is where I started my career and the first and only company I have worked for! It has given me resilience going from University to here open my eyes to the meaning of work hard, play hard! Esynergy helped me harness a passion and drive and taught me to apply my skills, to make money and get tangible results. I have progressed remarkably quickly and am grateful that someone of my age and experience has never been held back. I have had the pleasure to work with people I admire and respect and have learnt a lot from, I wouldn’t be where I am without them!