Career Journey – Joel Leighton

Job Title:

Tech Community Support


How long have you been working at eSynergy:

Since November 2018


What is your role at eSynergy:

I provide contractor support on-site at some of our key clients within the public and private sector, as part of our SoW and Teams-as-a-Service offering. This necessitates a relationship-driven approach that requires close contact with both clients and contractors.


What do you like about working for eSynergy:

eSynergy has been extremely supportive throughout my time here, giving me many opportunities to learn and develop, surrounded by some of the most exciting people in the industry. I have been provided a generous amount of autonomy that has allowed me to make the work my own and generate strong working relationships with colleagues and clients.


Key highlights in your journey with us:

Being a part of the transition into a challenger consultancy over the past year or so, and therefore adapting to a changing skillset requirement, has been an exciting experience that I’ve found challenging but rewarding. I’ve enjoyed having more involvement with our clients, and subsequently seeing the positive impacts of our unique services firsthand.