Career Journey Ant - eSynergy Solutions

Career Journey – Ant Hyde

Job title:

Managing Consultant / Sales Manager for Teams as a Service.


How long have you been working at eSynergy?

8 Years – started in July 2010 / left in Jan 2011 and re-joined in May 2012.


What is your role at eSynergy?

I manage a team of 6. My role is to develop and win new clients. I also build and support the engagement and account management team.


What do you like about working for eSynergy?

I love the autonomy and supportive team I work with. eSynergy offers high earning potential and a very unique offering in the market.


Key highlights in your journey with us?

Being top biller in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Breaking 1 million pounds billing in 2018. Building the eSynergy Transformation Journey and meeting some of my best mates.


Favourite perks?

Autonomous environment being able to manage my own time and output.


How has eSynergy helped you with your career?

Learned from some great consultants during my 8 years, very supportive directors who have helped me through some tough years in my personal life.