Building Capability

One of your biggest challenges will no doubt be building permanent capabilities. It is time consuming, frustrating and costly. Attracting high caliber talent that share your cultural values is the seemingly impossible task.


Here at eSynergy we have a 15 year proven track record of building permanent cross-functional teams ranging from 5-30 people.


Regardless of size, scale, complexity and project outcomes – we always aim to leave a long-standing and stable legacy with all of our customers, ensuring they can continue to add features and functionality to their platforms, applications and systems once the initial build and deployment has been completed.


We have access to a highly skilled passive community through all our events and partnership with Skills Matter circa 200,000. This allows us to deliver full cross-functional teams with aggressive deadlines, helping you avoid COD (cost of delay).


We will take and run the whole program from start to finish, including pre-screening, tech tests, assessment of culture, organisation & scheduling through to offers and on-boarding. We offer this as a fully wrap around service with someone onsite until the outcome is delivered. We understand the importance companies place on finding engineers not just with the right technical skills, but who are also pragmatically minded, keen to learn and can contribute more than just code to the business.


With a continual focus on cost and Return on Investment across all of our projects, eSynergy can create longer term and permanently based cross-functional teams to ensure your organisation and more importantly your technology stays ahead of the curve and ahead of your competitors.