Our Associates

Our associates are at the core of the eSynergy business model and help us win and deliver outcomes to our clients every single day. Over the last 15 years, we have built a great community of associates but are constantly in search of new talent. There are two categories of asscociates; regular associates and lead associates. The categorisation is dependent mainly on the experience and the best way to think about the model is the one of a law firm where they have associates and partners. 


Why become an eSynergy associate?

Constant and varied pipeline of projects that provide financial piece of mind

Portfolio based working in a flexible environment. Remote where possible

Work with & access thought leaders whilst building your own brand through our communities

Full backing and support from a multi-million pound business. Access to shared resources

Be part of a community and peer group of like-minded technology enthusiasts

What do we look for in our associates?

We’re looking for like-minded technologists that believe in our business model, buy into our philosophy around ways of working and share our values. If that sounds like you please send us your CV or profile so that we can look into getting you into either our associate or lead associate community, depending on your experience.

Someone who shares our values of honesty, seeking excellence, collaboration and growth

A person who is focussed on delivering business value quickly, pragmatic, a team player and promotes transparency

Those who share our passion for open-source and agile ways of working.

People that aren’t satisfied with status quo. excel at what they do and are constantly looking for that next solution to the biggest technology problems in the market

Intrigued? Great! Please get in touch by sending an email including your CV/profile/open source contributions to associates@esynergy-solutions.co.uk and get started on your eSynergy associate journey!

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