Using technology to improve your customers' experience

eSynergy Transformation’s Digital service is here for one reason:  to help our clients use new technologies to improve the services they provide to their customers (we think of citizens as customers too). Delivering a great service increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to greater revenues and service adoption with a reduced cost to serve.

How we approach digital

We start with a customer centric approach – how is our client perceived by its customers? Are they easy to engage with? Are all services readily accessible and in one place?

Adhering to digital by default service standards and with expertise across all platforms, we can provide an end to end service from concept right through to design, build, implementation and operation - not forgetting to bring your IT teams on the journey to enable a seamless transition at the right time.

We use the latest agile techniques, such as Scrum, Lean and SAFE, applying the right resource as needed in each iterative step to ensure deadlines are met and quality thresholds are achieved first time.

Why partner with us?

Our vast expertise in the latest digital technologies allows us to enable new business models for our clients by connecting product services at a micro level, and delivering them across all of today’s platforms.

We have a track record of developing quality applications and working on larger complex digital projects using the latest technologies. We know that the digital experience provided to customers is our clients’ shop window and we never forget that their customers’ expectations will have been set by their engagement with the most respected providers in the business.

Our digital methodology

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