Senior Appointments

Introducing the best technology leaders

The Senior Appointments team offers a bespoke capability focused on attracting and retaining the most important people in a business – those who will lead it. We provide permanent and interim recruitment for functional heads, transformation and change leaders, program managers and other senior leaders up to and including CxO level. We can find the right individual or create a senior team for a new business.

Senior Appointments for companies

We start by taking time to understand not just the skills and experience you need, but critically the type of person you are seeking.  We can help you to precisely define your needs, presuming nothing up front.

Next, we ascertain the critical success factors for each role so we can offer the ideal candidates. We determine these together – this may include delivering revenue growth, meeting of SLAs or achievement of client and employee satisfaction targets.

We then consider your corporate culture. People who don’t fit won’t stay. Equally, a good cultural fit is a strong selling point to a talented candidate. We meet the people with whom our candidates would work with. In our view, culture includes a wide range of operational and behavioral factors, right from company vision through to organisational structure, even down to dress code.

When we recommend a candidate, you can be sure we have engaged with them and thoroughly understood their alignment to you.

Senior Appointments for Candidates

We start by taking time to understand your skills and experience but critically, what motivates you. Why are you considering leaving your current role and what objectives do you have for your new one? This approach deliberately mirrors the one we use with companies, so that we are able to assess the fit of each candidate according to all the relevant factors.

If your goals are not completely clear, we can provide advice and guidance on market, technical and salary trends, ensuring that your expectations and career objectives are realistic. We keep in contact with you once you join a new company to confirm you have found the right role and are being successful.

When we speak to you about an opportunity, you can be sure that we have spent time to understand the company as well as the role to help you make an informed decision.

Why Us

As part of eSynergy Solutions we have a technology focus, and our commitment to the community means we continuously connect with the best talent and the best opportunities in the market, and we encourage candidates and companies to play an active role in it. Our engagement with the community means we probably already know someone who fits.  We encourage diversity, and consider all candidates before making recommendations.

We consider recruitment to be a continuous process both before and after an appointment is made, so we make it our responsibility to keep everybody regularly informed and we actively solicit and provide post-placement feedback.

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