Maximising legacy investments whilst freeing your business with new technolog

What is Legacy?

Virtually every organisation has legacy applications within its estate. Management of legacy is a careful balance between protecting your previous investments and retaining your business agility.


Often the most critical and complex applications are the oldest and least well understood.

How We Approach Legacy

We start by establishing the impacts of each legacy application using our Application Portfolio Assessment methodology. This approach includes an assessment of:


How critical are they to the business?


What is the cost of maintenance and development?


Availability of support


Do you have the technical skills needed for continued support?


How flexibly can changes be made and what is the impact on the business?


How compatible are they with your existing IT estate?

The outcome of this assessment is a set of recommendations for a transformation roadmap. This may include retention and support of legacy where appropriate, blending legacy with new technologies or replacing applications from scratch.

Where new development is required, our Digital capability can help to introduce newer technologies to reduce the cost of maintenance, improve business agility and enhance customer experience.

Why Partner With Us?

We provide a suite of services to minimise the technical debt that legacy applications inherently bring.


We are already helping a number of large IT enterprises on their transition to a mix of traditional and newer style of digital type approaches.

We provide an end-to-end migration service and ongoing support. Experience shows that migration to new platforms is highly complex.


Unlike first time deployment, this is done in real time while still supporting the business and its evolution, all typically within a fixed timeframe.

Critically, we never forget your people, who need to be ready to move when your IT landscape changes







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