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We offer specialist recruitment services around DevOps Engineers, Sys Admins, AWS / MMS Administrators, Cloud Engineers & Cloud Architects primarily in Open Source technologies.


Containerisation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery tools

  • Chef
  • Puppet
  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Docker
  • CoreOS

Platforms & Cloud

  • Linux
  • VMWare
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google
  • OpenStack
  • Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Webinar: The DevOps handbook with Gene Kim

After over five years of work, The DevOps Handbook is finally coming out! The original plan was for this book to come out before The Phoenix Project in 2013, but we delayed the Handbook because there was so much about DevOps that Gene it felt should go into the book, but didn’t understand well enough at the time.

Gene will be sharing some of top lessons from The DevOps Handbook, which is scheduled for release in October 2016. The book has 480 pages, 23 chapters, over 40 case studies.

Cloud Foundry vs Docker vs Kubernetes

In this session, Pivotal will give an overview of PaaS including the technical architecture of Cloud Foundry, how it compares to containers platforms like Docker and schedulers like Kubernetes. This session will include a demo, technical deep dive and a comparison of features as well as a comparison of Open Source vs Enterprise Cloud Foundry.

Sufyaan leads the Platform Architecture team for Pivotal in UK and Ireland. He has previously worked as a code monkey, an architect and peacekeeper at other consultancies. He is a keen promoter of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and passionate about PaaS. Suf also runs the London Cloud Native Meetup Group.


Latest Puppet Jobs

DevOps Engineer (Puppet, Openstack, Jenkins)
£600 - £650 per day
DevOps Engineer - Puppet
£500 - £600 per day
DevOps Engineer - Puppet, Ansible, Docker, AWS
£450 - £485 per day
DevOps Engineer - Puppet/Ansible, Docker, AWS
£400 - £425 per day
DevOps Engineer AWS Cloud Puppet Java London 6 mo
£450 - £500 per day
DevOps Engineer - Linux, Puppet/Ansible, Jenkins,
£500 - £600 per day

Latest Chef Jobs

DevOps Engineer - Linux/Chef/Jenkins/Docker/AWS
£80,000 - £100,000 per annum
DevOps AWS Azure Cloud Engineer Chef Contract 6 m
£0 - £0 per day
Systems Engineer (Linux, AWS, Puppet/Chef/Ansible
£37,000 - £45,000 per annum
City of London
DevOps Chef Developer Contract London (upto £700
£600 - £700 per day
DevOps Engineer - Chef - Linux - AWS - Jenkins -
£450 - £500 per day
DevOps Engineer - Puppet/Chef - Linux - NoSQL - J
£500 - £600 per day

Code Like a Start Up. Run in the Enterprise

In this Webinar we will go through an overview of Bluemix, how simple and quickly you can deploy and application and drill down further into a few of the 140 services to show you some demos with guest speaker Jas Atwal. Jas has over 16 years experience in IT coming from an enterprise architecture background, he now works in the IBM Hybrid Cloud unit specialising in IBM Bluemix's Digital Innovation PaaS, and IBM Cloud Video Solutions offerings. 

OpenStack in real life with Giuseppe Paternò

In this webinar we go through some common deployment scenarios and explain the options that you can utilise whilst embracing OpenStack. The talk aims to let our audience understand what the pros and cons of any single implementation of compute, storage and networking with consideration of big installations and how to make your OpenStack project a success.

London DevOps Community meets at Facebook

Just to say a massive thanks to Marc, Matt, Jack and Mireia for organising and Facebook for hosting the 10th London DevOps meetup last Thursday, it is one of the best run DevOps events with 500+ at

DevOps, Facebook, Google

An introduction to Google's Kubernetes

Containers are huge and in time you'll have more of them than you know what to do with. In this Webinar you'll learn how Kubernetes allows you to spend less time automating the management, orchestration and scaling of your container based apps and microservices and more time developing them.

Matthew Skelton on making sense of the DevOps landscape

It's clear that containerization will be a big growth area over the next few years, although at the moment there is only a small minority of organisations that have enough technical and organisational maturity and competence to run a container-based architecture in Production. I think we'll see a growth in tools like Fabric8 that simplify the use - deployment, monitoring, discovery, etc. - of container-based solutions so that they are easier to consume and run by less-skilled teams.

DevOps, Continuous Delivery, DevOps Engineers

Matt Gilson

Head of Permanent Division

Matt is our Business Development Manager and heads up our Perm team here at eSynergy. He has been with the business since 2007 and is responsible for planning and executing our business development strategy.