Development & Architecture
The demand for highly talented software professionals is at an all time high

We provide technology professionals from Backend, JavaScript, and FullStack software developers through technical architects, who are passionate about learning and sharing new skills, technologies and ideas.

We co-host and run the AngularZone user group, working with Google Developer Expert, Gerard Sans, around up-skilling the community in Angular2 and React.

Our consultants actively attend user groups such as .NEt and Python meet-ups and we are official sponsors of the Scala London meet-up and top conferences such as FullStack Conference and Scala exchange.

Partnering with leading technology companies and vendors, to co-host, sponsor and run events webinars and training sessions to help up-skill our community.

Struggling to find Tech Talent?

We can help you find the right candidate, but it doesn’t stop there.

We will work with you to help implement a hiring strategy that allows you to grow your team and build a diverse and talented workforce.


Not forgetting to nurture and motivate your existing team, ensuring that they are trained up around the latest technologies and practices.


Don’t just take our word for it –¬†find out how we helped one of the fastest growing fintechs grow their engineering team.

Upskill in the latest tools and technologies

Check out a selection of recent technology webinars below to help upskill our technical community. Click Here to visit our Developer Hub on YouTube.

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