Our dedicated Community & Partner Team are responsible for growing our technical communities, organising and promoting events and upskilling the community through our training partnerships.

We partner up with the most innovative Open Source organisations and communities including: MongoDB, Neo4j, Docker, Puppet Labs, Chef, Redhat and Skills Matter. In addition, we sponsor user groups such as AngularJS, Elastic, Azure and AWS meetups.

What does our community offer?


  • Subsidised training sessions with our partners (MongoDB, AWS, Chef, SkillsMatter, Cloudbees) to upskill
  • Latest market advice and trends within in our core areas (dedicated consultants working in niche areas)​​
  • Regular community activities in our core areas around the hottest topics (supported by top speakers in the industry to learn, discover best practise, case studies and discuss new and emerging technologies).
  • Sponsorship of monthly meetups including organising speakers, suitable venues and covering the costs of venue hire, but most importantly providing the pizza and beer!

Our Partners

We partner with some of the most innovative Open Source organisations, which allows us to offer our clients qualified associates who have been built up through these communities.

Adele Green

Community & Partner Manager

Adele Green is our dedicated community and partner manager. She hosts and sponsors user groups, webinars, meetups, training sessions and conferences for networking, sharing ideas and upskilling.