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18th AWS Meetup London

Last week the eSynergy Solutions team had the pleasure of going down to the 18th AWS user group meetup where the announcement was made that the group has now grown to over 2,000 members making them the biggest AWS group in Europe, congratulations Norman and Ijaz, the meetup organisers, for running and growing such a fantastic group for the AWS community.

Why lifelong learning should be at the heart of your organisation

In my view it is undeniable that lifelong learning is an important part of the DNA that makes companies and individuals successful. I therefore cannot understand why companies do not have lifelong learning as one of their core values and why so many view this as a cost (financial or time) rather than a value to their business. If your company/team does embrace lifelong learning culturally then feel smug, if not then read on to find out why.

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How to bridge the Kubernetes skills gap?

Kubernetes is Googles open source container deployment tool. Maybe you have heard of it, maybe not but you will have used it without even knowing as everytime you search Google you will be utilising it; eBay, Shippable & Box are currently using it commercially.

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Cassandra community meet at CodeNode

On Wednesday evening we enjoyed a fantastic Cassandra meet up at SkillsMatter. The evening featured three key note speakers, all of whom use Cassandra heavily in their workplace.

Happy 5th Birthday OpenStack!

This week our DevOps and Cloud consultants Gemma and Vikki, and Community Manager Adele attended OpenStack’s 5th Birthday.

Why good tech recruiters should be at the heart of your company in 2015-16

With competition for tech talent more competitive than ever it is imperative companies have a multi-channel approach to give them the best shot at hiring the top talent.

Giuseppe Paternò speaks OpenStack

I ran into OpenStack by chance. In 2011 I was doing joint research with Canonical and Intel, our goal was to create a cloud reference architecture. I tested Eucalyptus but with no great success. We decided to try OpenStack Diablo release and I started doing patches to make it work on our environment. It was just the beginning and I had no clue it would bring me to where I am now.

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The rise of the AWS Administrator

Amazon web services is not even 10 years old but is driving change like we have never seen before; with change comes opportunity.

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Interview with Helen Beal, Head of DevOps at Ranger4

Why DevOps?
Because digital transformation is absolutely critical to organisations’ survival in today’s marketplace and this means delivering better software, faster in order to delight end users.

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