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Traditional Budgeting vs. Agile Budgeting

In February I went to the London Scrum Users Meetup at Skillsmatter, the speaker was an Agile/Scrum enthusiast named Ken Rubin, his chosen topic of the night was Agile Budgeting, Planning and Cost Accounting. He spoke about what agile budgeting is and how it compares to the more traditional ways of budgeting.

Matthew Skelton on making sense of the DevOps landscape

It's clear that containerization will be a big growth area over the next few years, although at the moment there is only a small minority of organisations that have enough technical and organisational maturity and competence to run a container-based architecture in Production. I think we'll see a growth in tools like Fabric8 that simplify the use - deployment, monitoring, discovery, etc. - of container-based solutions so that they are easier to consume and run by less-skilled teams.

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End User Computing – Changing Demands

Users’ needs and demands have changed so much for the better in the last few years.

The rise and rise of the next generation tech companies has meant that more people are familiar with great user experience from their end user devices (EUC).  This aligned with new open source and cloud software has meant that users habits have changed significantly - and they are used to accessing these great tools via their browsers and on 'lightweight devices'.

Digital Transformation - What? Why? How?

Digital Transformation is one of those phrases that is being banded about rather a lot in the technology world but what does it actually mean? Why do organisations undergo Digital Transformations? How do they go about it?

An Agile Future

Agile has evolved, however, since it was first documented in the Agile Manifesto in 2001.  Whilst the manifesto tends to focus it on software development, the true concept of Agile is far more.  In fact,   it is a philosophy that concentrates on empowered people and their interactions and early and constant delivery of value into an enterprise.  The best Agile approaches are very disciplined and can and should be integrated into corporate procedures such as governance.  This enterprise level Agile is becoming more and more popular, with even relatively conservative business areas, such as the finance and public sectors adopting it.


What Software Engineers really want?

I have been recruiting Software Engineers for the best part of 15 years and it's getting harder. Hiring is hard enough but if you do not truly understand what motivates your audience your task can be an impossible one! Here is a rough guide for what I believe motivates Software Engineers.

Giuseppe Paternò on the future of OpenStack

According to Forrest Research and HP, Giuseppe Paternò is now rated one of OpenStack’s best consultants in the world. Giuseppe is an IT Architect and Security Expert with an interesting background in the open source field. As Giuseppe is currently one of the candidates for the OpenStack’s board, we interviewed him to find out more about his view on OpenStack within the real wold and the future of OpenStack itself.

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Delivering Digital Transformation and Agile against the tide.

Julian is an experienced Senior Product Manager with a proven track record in delivering high profile and large scale digital services in challenging environments including a Government Digital


eSynergy Solutions are delighted to announce that we are now suppliers on G-Cloud 7.

G-Cloud offers an easier, quicker and cost-effective way of procuring cloud services. The framework allows government organisations to move away from an outsourced model to a cloud first policy; replacing legacy applications and infrastructure with a new set of user-centric technology suitable for a modern workplace.

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