"Job Boards are dead; long live the Community’’

Has the way that Software Engineers and Developers find new jobs changed? Has the way that employers attract and retain their staff changed? 

Out with the old
Some describe it as 'Transactional Recruitment'; the scouring of Job Boards via keywords to hopefully find the best developers on the market. The key word here is hope. Since this approach relies on approaching as many candidates as possible, it’s essentially basing itself on a numbers game. Throw enough mud at the wall and hopefully (fingers crossed and the wind blowing in the right direction), something will stick.

For example, Job Boards will usually list candidates via 'relevancy', or those who have ‘Java’ or ‘JavaScript’ for example written in their CV's the most. Just because an engineer has Java listed in their CV 15 times doesn't mean that they are an outstanding developer. To the majority of the recruiters out there, unfortunately it does. 

As an example, I was speaking to a JavaScript developer a little while ago who said he'd had a call that morning from another agency, where the consultant had asked him sincerely "Do you have any Zero Zero JavaScript experience?"…

Putting your CV onto a Job Board can create an awful lot of unneeded stress and hassle, especially if you get multiple calls from agents who are only looking to gather information about some of the companies you've previously worked for. Great.

And in with the new
Times have changed. Hiring managers don't necessarily look for an engineer who has every technology listed under the sun on their CV, and aren’t necessarily as concerned about whether someone is an expert in their given area. Instead, it seems that a passion for the role is more important. 

As one of my longer term clients has said on multiple occasions, ‘we can teach the technical stuff, but we can’t teach someone how to be passionate about what they do’. 

But what does ‘passionate’ actually mean?

Overlooking the buzzword, this often refers to someone who genuinely cares about the software that they deliver. They may also be the kind of person that learns for the sake of learning, frequently contributing on GitHub, attending community meetups, conferences etc

And it’s these candidates that employers are looking for, since this passion is perceived to have a positive impact on their new colleagues. 

Put your CV on a Job Board and you could receive up to 100 calls per day, turning your phone into a mini 'call-centre'.  

An alternative; start to consider how you can help to increase your profile and visibility within the community. Perhaps this involves attending a user group for the first time, diving into a weekend hackathon or contributing to THAT project on GitHub. 

Not only will you learn something, but you may find it becomes easier to find your next exciting role.

Mark is an Open Source Consultant at eSynergy Solutions, a UK-based technical recruitment agency with a mission to build amazing engineer teams. By embedding themselves within the technical community, eSynergy are able to understand the trends and technologies that matter most to their clients. 
Get in touch with Mark: mark.cryer@esynergy-solutions.co.uk