Graphs are everywhere, and their possibilities are endless

Graphs are everywhere, and with the ability of a graph database to solve multiple business problems, pre-empt potential situations and most importantly, save companies huge amounts of money in the meantime, why shouldn't you use Neo4j?

The possibilities really are endless, whether you need a graph to alleviate first party fraud, identify 'whiplash for cash' claimants or assist with provenance within an organisation, the flexibility of a graph database allows this to be done with ease and most importantly, speed!

Another prime example is Master Data Management, the ability to identify easy recommendations within an organisation to create opportunities across the workforce. Ultimately, creating triadic closure across nodes (humans, colleagues, friends etc.) allows for trust to be built, working relationships to be developed increasing productivity and as previously mentioned, most importantly, increasing potential profit within an organisation.  

Speed; with improvements made to Neo4j, users now have the ability to sandwich a graph database between a web response and web request, gaining 'real time' analysis on potential fraud in a matter of seconds - stemming the source of the potential problem immediately. With US Banks as a collective loosing tens-of-billions of dollars every single year through first-party fraud, it only seems logical, in my eyes, to use a graph database to highlight synthetic identities (fraudsters) when they max out their credit limit, shutting down their accounts, cards and most importantly alliances before any money can be withdrawn. 

Logistics and delivery; with the ability to model complex connected data-structures including locations, individuals and products large amounts of time, and again expenditure can be saved through the use of a graph database. Companies have already proven that, with the use of a graph database, you can order a product at the start of a presentation, and before the 45 minute talk has finished, the product has arrived. Customer satisfaction, retention and recommendations must increase tenfold with this kind of service, no more worrying if you've made the cut-off for next day delivery, you can have your shoes within hours. 

Neo4j's activity and growth within the community has been exponential. It has, by far, one of the best attended meet-up scenes in London. Having attending the Neo4j meet-up at Skills Matter at the end of March 2016, the room was packed giving users, and potential users the ability to trouble shoot problems, meet others and build their own networks. 

The demand for Neo4j experience is high, with companies paying above average salaries and daily rates for the knowledge. On the other hand, if you are thinking about implementing a graph database into your system, there is a pool of talent to reach out to. Companies have already proven that the cost of using Neo4j and hiring engineers to put the product into production is a mere drop in the ocean in comparison to profit made via elevating the original issue. 

eSynergy Solutions host official Neo4j training in our head office in London for our community on a regular basis, for more information please visit our events page

We have helped a number of clients build highly talented teams of engineers and developers on both a permanent and contract basis with Neo4j experience, if you are looking to build  a team with graph experience or upskill your existing team please do not hesitate to get in touch.