eSynergy Solutions are delighted to announce that we are now suppliers on G-Cloud 8.

eSynergy Solutions are delighted to announce that we are now also suppliers on G-Cloud 8, the government framework that offers an easier, quicker and more cost-effective way to procure cloud services.

eSynergy Services
Our core areas of expertise are Digital, Technology and Legacy Transformation Programmes:

Digital - the next evolution of technology
The evolution of technology in all aspects of modern society. eSynergy build teams that radically improve performance and enables change for the digital era by utilising the most innovative and emerging technologies in the market.
Our unique community lead approach can also help to up skill your existing team to make the transition seamless.

Legacy – migration to new platforms
A cost-effective and accurate way of maintaining and extending the value of legacy technology investments through migration to new platforms. eSynergy provide skills to support transitions & migrations to tackle operating cost reductions, mergers and acquisitions, internal reorganisation, new corporate infrastructure, need for Web-enablement, outdated performance and functionality, data consolidation and to position an organisation for future changes. 

Technology – end user technology transformation
The modernisation of everything that affects end user technology within an organisation. By utilising innovative and flexible technologies like cloud services, real time document management systems and modern end user devices eSynergy help our clients deliver high quality technology changes that meets user needs, enable greater collaboration and reduce total spend on IT.
We look forward to engaging with more Central and Local Government departments around digital, technological and legacy transformation programmes. If you would like to find out more about our services or how to procure through G-Cloud please get in touch.

G-Cloud Team
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