Is community engagement part of your hiring strategy?

Your organisation is leading the way with cutting edge technologies and driving innovation. 

However, you're still struggling to hire.

With a huge shortage in tech skills sweeping our nation many organisations are competing to get top talent through the doors and it's costing them billions as a result.

The digital skills gap alone costs the UK economy £63bn a year, according to a report by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.

Projects without the right people and skills can lead to poor adoption of technologies and COD. So how do you ensure you've got the right people in place? 

The world of recruitment is changing with an evolution that sees attraction and community engagement strategies at the forefront of hiring agendas and traditional methods such as job boards and adverts taking more of a back seat.

So in this ever evolving competitive industry how do you make sure you are staying ahead of the curve and position your organisation as the go-to workplace for technical talent?


Head down to your local meetup

Take the time to meet those investing out of hours in upskilling themselves and learning about the latest technologies. You'll find yourself amongst the heart of the tech community with plenty of opportunities to meet and greet with enthusiasts and experts across a range of skills sets.

Tell your story to the community 

Find the next tech conference or meetup and get your team to talk about the latest projects they've been working on and the hot tools and technologies they are using. This is a great way to promote your brand and engage with the community (you can always end the presentation with a cheeky "we're hiring" slide if keeping it subtle isn't your thing) 


Keeping your employees engaged and happy is only the half of it... But it's a good place to start

Whether it's giving time for that team member to work on a personal project or securing them tickets to next Scala or AWS conference -identify core tech areas where your team members can upskill and in turn feel that you and your organisation have invested in them.


It's important you set aside budget for developing and upskilling your team

You don't need to spend a fortune churning your teams through certified courses every month but choosing a few sessions in niche tech areas that are relevant to the business roadmap can really help your existing team upskill especially when implementing new technologies. 

Catch up online 

Many of our customers invite their whole tech teams on to webinars we host with leading experts - it's completely free and a great way to upskill in the latest Open Source and Cloud technologies. 

Meet up!

I've said it before but get your teams down to the meetups. It's a free and fantastic way to hear about latest news, trends, technologies, project challenges and achievements all in one evening.

Here are just some of the ways engaging and embedding yourself within the technical community can add huge amounts of value to your team and organisation.

If you are looking to engage with the technical community or would like further advice on attraction, retaining and upskilling technical teams; please get in touch.

Adele Green

Community Manager