How do I run Docker in Production?... and will it scale? - Daniël van Gils

This months guest blog was by Daniël van Gils, polyglot developer advocate at Cloud 66.

I truly believe that great software services should be people-oriented, in order to remain relevant and useful. From a technology point of view it should be built with smart logic, be understandable, maintainable, testable, performant and stable.


Matthew Skelton on making sense of the DevOps landscape

It's clear that containerization will be a big growth area over the next few years, although at the moment there is only a small minority of organisations that have enough technical and organisational maturity and competence to run a container-based architecture in Production. I think we'll see a growth in tools like Fabric8 that simplify the use - deployment, monitoring, discovery, etc. - of container-based solutions so that they are easier to consume and run by less-skilled teams.

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How to bridge the Kubernetes skills gap?

Kubernetes is Googles open source container deployment tool. Maybe you have heard of it, maybe not but you will have used it without even knowing as everytime you search Google you will be utilising it; eBay, Shippable & Box are currently using it commercially.

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Interview with Helen Beal, Head of DevOps at Ranger4

Why DevOps?
Because digital transformation is absolutely critical to organisations’ survival in today’s marketplace and this means delivering better software, faster in order to delight end users.

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How to Skill-up in DevOps and What Rates You Can Expect in 2014-15

In the last 12 months we have seen a significant increase in daily rates for those in the DevOps space. Find out what skills you should be obtaining in order to get the best rates and opportunities on the market.

Bringing Order to Chaos with Puppet, Keiran Sweet

An overview of our DevOps conference by Keiran Sweet who presented Bringing Order to Chaos with Puppet.