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What do the best CIOs have in common?

The look and feel of technology teams has changed over the years. Gone are the days when the IT Department was a room full of nerds with no social skills.


Asynchronous timeouts with Completable Future in Java 8 and 9

Java 8 introduced CompletableFuture as an enhancement to Future. It is a new class which lets you express the flow of information from different tasks using a callback driven style.

Is community engagement part of your hiring strategy?

Your organisation is leading the way with cutting edge technologies and driving innovation. However, you're still struggling to hire.

"Job Boards are dead; long live the Community’’

Has the way that Software Engineers and Developers find new jobs changed? Has the way that employers attract and retain their staff changed? 

eSynergy Solutions are delighted to announce that we are now suppliers on G-Cloud 8.

eSynergy Solutions are delighted to announce that we are now also suppliers on G-Cloud 8, the government framework that offers an easier, quicker and more cost-effective way to procure cloud servic

Agile Project Management: not just for software & IT projects

Agile is a key trend. Interest in and demand for Agile approaches for an increasingly wide range of projects and initiatives has never been higher.


eSynergy Solutions are now suppliers on Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) Framework

eSynergy Solutions are delighted to announce that we are now on the new Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework: a simpler, clearer and faster way to buy from the Digital Marketplace,  replacing Digital Services 2 Framework. 

Graphs are everywhere, and their possibilities are endless

Graphs are everywhere, and with the ability of a graph database to solve multiple business problems, pre-empt potential situations and most importantly, save companies huge amounts of money in the

Neo4j, NoSQL, Graph Connect

How do I run Docker in Production?... and will it scale? - Daniël van Gils

This months guest blog was by Daniël van Gils, polyglot developer advocate at Cloud 66.

I truly believe that great software services should be people-oriented, in order to remain relevant and useful. From a technology point of view it should be built with smart logic, be understandable, maintainable, testable, performant and stable.